What you need to know before buying shoes for bunions

If you are searching for comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers, you are surely present at the right place to gather best possible details. Dealing with bunions is extremely hard especially when you don’t have the right shoes at your disposal. With wrong shoes, your painful and embarrassing situation will enhance, but there are many good shoes for bunion sufferers that will act like your best friend. Before getting deep into these shoes, it is better to enrich your knowledge about bunions. A bunion is a bony bump that exists on your big toe base. The patient suffers from a painful and irritating bony bump just at the base of their big toe thus resulting in plenty of walking issues. This particular medical condition is found mostly in women, and due to internal inflammation, the sufferer is forced to go through severe pain. The situation becomes terrible when the opted shoes exert pressure on the bunions.

Exact Definition Of good shoes for bunions

There are many people worldwide who have been looking for good shoes for bunions but don’t have the right information to follow. They need to understand only adequate shoes will help in eradicating the pain as well as discomfort caused by bunions. Proper shoes can easily act as a natural and effective cure and will make it possible to reduce bunion symptoms in the near future. More often than not, medical experts do advise people with bunions to opt for minimalist shoes or with barefoot style. Such shoes are known for greater flexibility, and you will enjoy the desired freedom while executing exercise and other activities. Now to make the right call, needy candidates should go through correct toes shoe list carefully and try hard to figure out best shoes for bunion relief.

True Benefits Of Buying The most comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers

Affected persons are benefited a great deal when they do wear most comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers. Some of these crucial benefits are:

  1. Reduction in bunion problems symptoms
  2. Wide fitting shoes for bunion sufferers are highly effective in relieving the pressure thus making it possible to walk and exercise with ease.
  3. Quality shoes have proven effective in preventing the escalation, and gradually the condition will improve.
  4. Last but not the least, these special shoes are designed with a purpose to reduce pain and sufferings, and they do achieve the cause with perfection.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Shoes For Bunions

When you get into the market to get shoes for your struggling feet, you must pay huge attention to special features. Quality shoes will have following features and characteristics to offer:

  1. High Comfort – Selected shoes need to be comfortable and should assist in cutting down the pain as well as fatigue. Uncomfortable shoes will only worsen the condition and enhance the issue to a huge extent.
  2. Quality Material – Use of quality material is the second crucial feature of best shoes for bunions and arch support. Here quality material means soft leather that will help in protecting your swollen feet. Soft material will not hurt the affected toe, and the bony bump will not create any further issues.
  3. Wide Width – Most of the correct toes approved shoes for bunions come with wide width size and another great feature of the wide toe box. This particular feature will make sure the big toe has enough space to carry out different movements with ease. Narrow-width footwear, on the other hand, will only create unnecessary pressure on your toe and make your life miserable.
  4. Adequate Flexibility – People suffering from bunions mostly find it pretty hard to walk and exercise. Improved flexibility is the key feature of the bunion shoe as your ankles and toes will remain safe. Increased flexibility means better grip on slippery grounds and avoiding accidents that will help in preventing both internal and external injuries.
  5. Lightweight – With bunions, your feet are already carrying the weight of swollen toe, but the lightweight nature of these shoes will allow in performing routine activities with no trouble. Light shoes mean reduced fatigue along with significant reduction in the pressure. Reduced pressure will further assist in quick recovery of the bony bump.
  6. Durable – Best shoes for bunions and corns are mostly durable and do last for a long time. In simple words, you are not creating a huge hole in your pocket while buying these shoes as you are not asked to change them again and again.

Best 9 Shoes For Bunions

  1. May Poppy Loafer by Clarks For Women – This particular shoe comes with genuine leather and ortho like footbed. Apart from being extremely comfortable, the fabric lining and croco-print on the patent leather make the shoes highly attractive. The used quality leather is good enough to generate the required softness along with adequate protection. The presence of flexible, bendable TM outsole will only make the shoes highly durable. The comfort fit helps in dealing with the bony bump in better manner and steel shank designing further enhances stability. The user will certainly enjoy better traction on rough or rigid surfaces. Availability of many designs and colors will easily help in matching your style demands. With customer rating of 4.2/5, Clarks Women’s May Poppy Loafer is highly recommended for the women dealing with bunions.
  2. MX857 Cross-Training Shoe by New Balance For Men – Enjoying different sports activities is still a dream for many individuals facing bunions. This particular shoe is extremely suitable for individuals with big feet. With awesome comfort, the bony bump will not be able to create any issues while walking and exercising.  Designers have included rubber sole along with EVA foam midsole to protect the ankles, toes, and heels of the user. Another great ability of the shoe is shock absorbing that helps in protecting your feet from external injuries and provides high comfort. 3.8/5 is average customer rating, and New Balance Men’s MX857 Cross-Training Shoe is recommended for men who need comfort and protection while carrying out sports activities.
  3. Encore Nova Crystal Slip-on by Merrell For Women- Merrell is one shoe brand that is extremely popular among women for designing comfortable shoes for bunions. The introduction of Merrell Women’s Encore Nova Crystal Slip-on has made it possible for countless women to deal with a bony bump in right manner and cut down the sufferings. There are many exciting features like waterproof leather, extremely comfortable and long lasting cushioning and adequate traction to carry out different activities with ease. These shoes are designed in a manner to give top-priority to comfort as well as the size of the feet.  During the winter season, you will enjoy the nice warmth, and it is mainly due to the presence of extra but less bulk lining. The sole negative side of the shoe is small size so as a woman if you have large sized feet you must not prefer to wear them. Average rating is 4.3/5, and that is pretty impressive for sure.
  4. Jamie Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker By Dr. Scholl’s For Women- Dr.Scholl’s shoes are widely known for offering supreme comfort level. They are lightweight in nature and user will not require to put many efforts to on and off them. The designers have made serious efforts to make these shoes look stylish and launched them in different colors and designs. According to experts, these shoes are the best shoes for bunions and flat feet. The used leather material is top notch, and the application of barefoot concept makes the shoe perfect for individuals struggling with swollen feet as well as bunions. For sure, there are many exciting features to enjoy, but still, people with large feet do face bit of discomfort. Still, the average rating is on the higher side – 4.4/5, and the shoe is well appreciated by women worldwide.
  5. Celina Clog For Women By Sanita – When you have decided to opt for Sanita shoes for bunions, you are guaranteed with exclusive design along with incredible standards. Users do fall in love with these shoes as they are so easy on their feet and available in many colors and styles. It is mainly due to the application of the patented leather material; you are bound to enjoy right comfort and adequate safety for the bony bump. These shoes also make use of the footbed with an anatomical shape to achieve proper support for ankles and feet. According to users, they do feel little discomfort during initial days, but the issue was temporary. 4.0/5 is the average rating, and bunion sufferers can completely rely on the shoes to carry out routine activities with ease.
  6. Matai Shoe By Naot For Women- Naot shoes are quite similar to Mary Jane shoes when you do compare them by colors, style, and design. It is the use of soft leather that will allow you to enjoy complete comfort and flexibility. As a user, you will not face any trouble whatsoever in adjusting the shoe according to your foot size. This particular feature is well supported by high-quality footbed made of latex material as well as cork. The footbed will make sure; maximum shock is absorbed while carrying out a range of activities like walking and jogging. Average customer rating is 4.3/5, and it is quite impressive for sure.
  7. Premium Sneaker By Skechers For Women – Skechers is one of the top-rated brands in the world of shoes for bunions. If you are a woman dealing with a bony bump, you are bound to achieve great protection with these shoes. Some of the incredible features associated with shoes are leather upper, highly durable rubber outsole and perfectly padded insole. Users are also served with additional features of the tongue as well as collar thus allowing them to enjoy nice comfort and stability while carrying out long walk and exercises. Till date, no serious weaknesses have been reported, and this has resulted in 4.5/5 ratings.
  8. London Clog by Birkenstock – Birkenstock London Clog is one of the best selling shoes for bunions, and they do come with exceptional features like wide width and high comfort level. Designers have worked hard to add many exceptional features like the adjustable buckle, rubber outsole and plenty more. These advanced features are perfectly combined to produce right comfort, flexibility, and support. Shoes are surely durable and will only act as a perfect gift for the individuals dealing with bunions and swollen feet. With 4.5/5 ratings, Birkenstock London Clog shoes have a lot to offer.
  9. Tooled Clog By Dansko For Women – Dansko shoes for bunions is highly equipped with awesome features that are best suited for healing bunion. Some of these features are application of leather upper for good comfort and wide and proper size toe box. When you get the Dansko shoes, it will become possible to carry out toe movement comfortably. You will not face any problem whatsoever in standing or exercising for long hours. There would be less stress on your feet, and the bony bump will heal quickly. When it ones to average rating, it is close to 4.3/5.


With plenty more options available for shoes for bunions, it is all about considering your demands at the top of the list and selecting the best option. Top-rated shoe designers are using their skills and experience to deal with bony bump and try to create shoes that are close to perfect. To make the best possible decision, it would be ideal to carry out deep searching online and going through numerous options carefully. There is nothing better than learning from other people experiences and going for recommendations. Just don’t get confused and try to make the decision on factors like comfort, durability, wide width, material quality and more. Quality shoes will only reduce your pain and allow you to enjoy the life without any worries of a bony bump.