Popular Blogs That Can Give You The Popularity You Crave

A good blog can herald your way into rapid popularity amongst readers. Finding the right niche to blog on, while focusing on your strengths is one of the many difficult challenges you will come across in developing a good blog.Check out how you can popularize your blog with social media.

It is often observed that the best blogs are goal oriented and impress a particular direction of purpose on the reader’s mind.

The two primary goals of your writer blog are marketing and building connections if you are publishing in any other platform.

On the other hand, if you are publishing your work on the blog itself, it is the one stop center for your entire outreach and reader base.

These are some of the most popular blogs that can give you good traction as a writer.

1. Listicles Or List Blogs

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One of the most popular kind of blogs, listicles provide usability and fun to any reader out there. It has been often found that listicles come up as top search results in several search engines. They have also been scientifically shown to be very effective in terms of catching user attention.

Popular listicles usually have a humorous element to them with the implementation of caricatures depicting cultural or media trends. However, they cannot be a substitute to full developed articles, and often do not deliver as much substance. As such, there has lately been many skeptics about the quality of listicles. Nevertheless, they are rave in the internet, and can help you improve your reader base.

2. Guides For Beginners

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With the increase of technological outreach, there is no dearth of beginners yearning to learn skills for professional purposes or as enthusiasts. And therefore, beginner guide blogs have been very popular across the internet. Developing a guide in a topic that has cultural or technical reference in which you are somewhat proficient can help you garner a lot of reader attention.

Complementing written guides with infographics makes the blog even more appealing. You can further draw upon the advice of writer communities to polish your skills as a guide writer.

3. Product Reviews

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In a technologically savvy world, people try to stay ahead of any faulty grasp of fake advertising. As such honest reviews are perhaps, one of the most highly searched topics in search engines.

Anyone who is about to buy a gadget or something as simple as a carpet chooses to have an unbiased review on products making going to the marketplace. You can review a gadget or product that you own or have at your disposal to as much detail as possible, yet in a concise sketch up to appeal to more readers.

4. News

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There can be no disagreement to the fact that there are a large number of news websites catering to different public interests ranging from sports to politics. However, with the huge amount of information going around, these news website or blogs can rarely cover a particular field in its entirety.

Creating a news website catering to a specific community can help you focus your work in addition to generating an honest and loyal reader base.

5. Travel Blogs

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People are frequently on the search of well written experiences about other’s visits to popular tourist destinations. This very fact has made travel blogs extremely popular over the last few years.

Your well written accounts can be welcomed and largely followed by the travel and adventure community. You can also publish accounts from your friends and family in order to cater to the demands of growing follower numbers.

6. Politics

Voice out what are your views

Political opinion can be sensitive but can drive a large reader base. Well-developed pieces around firm opinions and reasonable lines of logic are not only well received but can also launch you as an exceptional writer.

Political opinions are often hotly contested and can drive huge traffic to your domain. Rebukes and rebuttals are generic to such blogs in the form of comments. Your successful defense can also help propagate a useful idea amongst the masses.

7. How To Do Tutorials?

Share how to do your ideas!

Ever got a new gadget and could not figure out how to use it? This happens to almost every one of us. You can use your specific knowledge on gadgets and utilities to develop tutorials that people may find useful.

The above blogs are only a few amongst the numerous kinds of blogs out there. The best way to choose a topic for your blog is to trust your instincts driven by passion.

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