Making A Living From Writing By Monetizing Your Content

Life as a writer isn’t easy in today’s world. And largely so, if you are to self-publish in blogs or self-published e-books. However, there are several ways in which you can effectively monetize your written content and improve upon your earnings with the increase in reader base. Check out how you can improve your reader base using social media platforms.

1. Making Money With Advertisements

Advertisements are a very useful way to make money off your blog or other online platforms. The use of pay-per-click advertising via Google Adsense or some other agency monetizes your platform as you are paid for each time a user clicks on advertisements.

You can also opt for banner advertisements in your platform thereby dedicating a section of your website into monetizing it. This can be a fixed arrangement or a pay-per-click arrangement and your profits will be a healthy percentage of the revenue earned by the seller.

2. Special Features

Monetizing some of the special features and services in your website can land you a good amount of revenue. You can host special privileges, bootcamps, and offers on your upcoming releases to enhance this premium feature and make it popular amongst your reader base. You can also allow free entry tickets to any events that you organize, thereby making readers eager on subscribing to premium options.

3. By Enabling Print-On-Demand

With several platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing, you can enable print-on-demand by simply opting for it. This allows you to reach a wider audience who might just prefer reading from paperbacks rather than e-books.

4. Reviews

There are several products that appeals to a reader base. You can offer to review these products from different companies to your large reader base in return for a small fee. It is likely that the company would entertain your request and you can make some profit out of it.